Sing Kee Through the Years Timeline


  • The company, Sing Kee, owned by our founder Mr Ng Han Shing was formed. It primarily serviced yachts and boats in Hong Kong. Mr Ng is an outdoor custom-made upholstery specialist. Through his designs, frame making, patterning and fitting using only the highest quality marine fabrics, threads, hardware and fixings, he may be said to have served as an arbiter of marine fabric products and lifestyle.
  • Mr Ng created the Company with a “Never give up!” attitude which we adopted as our company motto.

1960 to 1980

  • 1960s, we started a workshop in eastern part of Hong Kong island.
  • During this time, Sing Kee had expanded our product range to include cushions, curtains, steering cover and many other specialist fabric products for yachts and boats.
  • Our founder, Mr Ng, established his territory-wide famous business (Sing Kee Sail & Flag Co.) of designing, manufacturing, and merchandising outdoor upholsteries. Mr Ng played a huge part in his success, he established himself as one of the leading experts on all aspects of marine fabric cover and canvas work in Hong Kong.


  • Our first factory, located in Chai Wan, opened. A move to a 200 sq meters factory – which just seemed positively huge and could stock more than several hundred metres of high quality fabric for made-to-measure boat covers and boating upholstery.


  • Ms Janice Ng, the eldest daughter of Mr Ng joined the family business. Not unsurprisingly given the family background, Janice was keen on the measuring and fitting service, she can help customers to turn a plain boat cover into a fantastic feature in any boat.


  • Janice went on to design other innovative fabric products such as Christmas decorative bows, Chinese New Year banners and canvas bags, including Sunbrella tote.


  • Sing Kee Sail & Flag Company Limited was formed.
  • Sing Kee’s logo was born which was simple and timeless.
  • We relocated our factory to Chaiwan Industrial City in Chai Wan. This is a full manufacturing facility for marine upholstery, including but are not limited to:  fabrics for curtains and blinds for boats, outdoor upholstery, and other fabric furnishing applications.


  • Sing Kee acted as a commercial sponsor for a fabric products exhibition. Our founder Mr Ng and his two daughters were interviewed by a local newspaper called Sing Tao. Sing Kee, our family business was announced as one of the best of its kind in the world.


  • The business was further expanded in the late 90s. Our team of experienced workers started to manufacture a wide range of new products and decoration services including:
    • promotion event items, such as awnings, tapestries and backdrops for indoor and outdoor events.
    • Outdoor decorations collaboration projects for musicals and themed parks.
    • Variety of different finishes such as canvas, PVC, polyester and netting for boat covers.
    • Indoor furniture covers and curtains for domestic use.
    • Various upholstery decoration projects in Beijing, China.
  • Sing Kee manufactured a huge amount of nautical flags in the 90s, which were a full range of international signal flags for maritime communication.
  • Per client’s requests of fine-quality woven national and regional flags for China, Hong Kong SAR and many other national flags.
  • We also supply bespoke company flags for corporate customers at a competitive price.


  • Sadly, our founder, Mr Ng Han Shing passed away after a short battle with a serious illness and is missed by all.


  • The next generation: Four children of Mr Ng Han Shing, Dr Ng Chung Fai, Ms Janice Ng, Ms Jaime Ng and Mr Ng Chung Wah became the Directors and Consultants of Sing Kee Sail & Flag Company Limited.

  • The second generation of Sing Kee launched another success in the company with their great knowledge about marine upholstery plus an entrepreneurial mind for further development in the manufacturing industry.


  • Sing Kee paved the way for corporate items such as gifts and souvenirs.

  • Drawstring backpacks and table flags were in mass production as souvenirs for numerous corporate events and promotions.


  • Ms Janice Ng designed a range of Sunbrella bags which combine patchwork and practicality in a very executive way for career women.
  • She also introduced the idea of making sailing bag from recycled materials. Some of the bag models are included in Sing Kee’s continuing collection.


  • The second daughter of the family, Ms Jaime Ng joined Sing Kee as the Director to work full time.

  • The two sisters assumed joint responsibility for the running of the Chai Wan factory.

  • Ms Jaime Ng begins to work on Sing Kee’s online business as well as being a versatile product designer for marine upholstery.

  • Late in 2019, Jaime established a branch, Sailing Culture. Our extended team of skilled designers and seamstresses produce unique designs and mock-ups, dedicated to help our customers to present their best image every day with innovative fabrication and craft products and made-to-order services.


  • Sing Kee second factory commenced in the same industrial area, Chai Wan.
  • With a further increase of manufacturing capabilities and manpower, we are able to offer cost-effective products, while excellence in customer experience remains as our top priority.
  • Sing Kee continues to build its reputation and success as an upholstery expert. We supply the widest choice of fabric items and accessories as an ideal solution for offices, vessels, and even corporate events and displays.


  • Sing Kee third factory commenced in the same industrial area, Sunview Industrial Building in Chai Wan.
  • With this combined coverage of Sing Kee and Sailing Culture, we created our own brand “Sailing Culture 揚帆經典”. We offer a range of best-quality fabric products, e-commerce projects, DIY workshops, and home improvement ideas.
  • Our Sing Kee website went live on 1 July 2021 https://www.singkee1950.com bringing a whole new customer experience to our customers.

Our customers may log in to our online store to place orders. Our online products bring style & motivation to family members, corporate workers and anyone who enjoy a trendy life style.