The brand “Sailing Culture”


In 2019, Sing Kee Sail & Flag Company Limited established our branch company Sailing Culture. Our extended team of skilled designers and sewers produces unique designs and mock-ups, dedicated to help our customers to present their best images every day with innovative fabrication craft products and made-to-order services. With this combined coverage of Singkee and Sailing Culture, we created our own brand “Sailing Culture 揚帆經典”, providing lifestyle fabrics for our customers at their boats and their homes. The increase of our manufacturing capabilities and manpower enable us to offer cost-effective products while a seamless customer experience remains our top business priorities.

Sailing Culture offers a large choice of best-quality fabric for upholstery, e-commerce projects, DIY workshops and home decorations. This means customers can find exactly the right match for their needs, from lifebuoy ring covers based on simple aesthetics, to fabric products that helps both domestic and commercial clients, making their home look – and feel – even better.

Our Sailing Culture online shop went live on 1 July 2021, bringing a whole new customer experience to our customers. Our customers may log in to our online store to place orders.

For enquiries, please contact us today at (852) 2898 9256 and (852) 2898 9495 or fill out an order form, and a representative will get in touch.



We offer a wide range of fabric-related products – 100% made in Hong Kong.

Our range of product includes:

  • Sailing Culture @Marine
  • Sailing Culture @Home
  • Sailing Culture @Decoration

    Please tell us in advance your colour option(s).

    To ensure proper fitting, measurements and photos are highly encouraged.